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Munyungo can work with you as Producer, Co-Producer, Performer or other capacity on your Project !
Munyungo's sustained success across many genres demonstrates his diverse talents :-

1. Soundtrack Scorer ~ Munyungo enriched soundtracks of Romeo Must Die & others
2. Album Producer ~ Munyungo has produced Santana singer Greg Walker & others
3. Studio Musician ~ Have Munyungo sonically enhance your next Album or Project
4. Music Clinician ~ Munyungo's Live Clinics encompass a world of Rhythms, Music Styles & Genres
5. Live Musician ~ Have Munyungo enhance Live Events with his Sounds & Showmanship
6. Jingle Production ~ Munyungo has played on countless TV jingles
7. Actor ~ Munyungo has appeared in numerous motion pictures including Clint Eastwood's "Bird"

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