Aga Zaryan Picking up the Pieces Percussion
Ashley Maher Ashley Maher (2006) Percussion
Babatunde Lea March of the Jazz Guerillas Percussion
Bill Summers Cayenne (1977) Percussion, Vocals
Bill Summers Straight to the Bank (1978) Percussion
Bill Summers Iroko (1992) Percussion, Composer
Billy Mitchell Never Give up on Love (2000) Percussion, Arrangement
Bennie Maupin Ensemble Penumbra (2006) Percussion
Bobby Lyle Ivory Dreams (1989) Percussion
Bonnie Hayes Empty Sky (1995) Percussion
Breakstra Hit the Floor (2001) Percussion
Charles Fambrough Upright Citizen (1997) Percussion
Charly Womans Touch (1997) Percussion
Christian McBride Family Affair (1998) Percussion
Dennis Rowland
Get Here
Derf Reklaw From the Nile (1998) Multi Instruments Rhythm Logic
Diana Ross I Love You (2007) Percussion
Dianne Reeves Art & Survival (1993) Percussion
Dianne Reeves That Day... (1997) Percussion
Dianne Reeves Bridges (1999) Percussion
Dianne Reeves In the Moment: Live in Concert (2000) Percussion, Vocals (GRAMMY)
Dianne Reeves Calling: Celebrating Sarah Vaughan (2001) Percussion (GRAMMY)
Doc Powell Inner City Blues (1996) Percussion
Doc Powell Don't Let the Smooth Jazz Fool You (1997) Percussion
Doc Powell Life Changes (2001) Percussion
Doc Powell Laid Back (1996) Percussion
Dwight Sills Second Wind (1992) Percussion
Everette Harp What's Going On (1997) Percussion
Fred Ramirez Tribute to Legends of Latin Jazz (1995) Percussion
Freda Payne Evening with Freda Payne: Live (1996) Percussion
Freda Payne Live in Concert (1999) Percussion
George Howard Love and Understanding (1992) Percussion
George Howard When Summer Comes (1993) Percussion
George Howard Home Far Away (1994) Percussion
George Howard Attitude Adjustment (1995) Percussion
George Howard Midnight Mood (1998) Percussion
George Howard Reflections Percussion
George Howard There's a Riot Goin' On Percussion
Gerald Albright Giving Myself to You (1995) Percussion
Through These Eyes
Greg Clayborn The Gift (2003) Percussion
Greg Walker Love U so Good & Never Better Percussion, Production
Herbie Hancock Dis Is Da Drum (1994) Percussion
Identity Crisis Spanish Afro (1994) Percussion
J Michael Verta Phoenix (1995) Percussion
Jhelisa Language Electric (1997) Percussion
John Beasley A Change of Heart (1993) Percussion
John Beasley Cauldron (1991) Percussion
Jonathan Butler Source (2000) Percussion
Juan Carlos Quintero Through the Winds (1992) Percussion
Juan Carlos Quintero Way Home (1997) Percussion, Arrangement
Kamau Daa'ood Leimert Park (1997) Percussion
Kamau Daa'ood Leimert Park Percussion
Keb' Mo' Just Like You (1996) Percussion
Keb' Mo' Slow Down (1998) Percussion
Keb' Mo' Suitcase (2007) Percussion
Kenny Loggins Leap of Faith (1991) Percussion
Kenny Loggins Outside: From the Redwoods (1993) Percussion
Kenny Loggins Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow: The... (1997) Percussion
Kenny Loggins Unimaginable Life (1997) Percussion
Larry Koonse & Darek Oleszkiewicz Storybook (2006) Percussion
Lionel Richie
Lonza Lester Lonza Lester (2003) Percussion
Lynne Fiddmont Flow (2006) Percussion
Marcus Miller Silver Rain (2005) Percussion
Marion Meadows Forbidden Fruit Percussion
Mark Cargill Your Love (2003) Percussion
Metro Metrocafe (2000) Percussion
Mickey Champion
What You Want
Mike Gealer In the Park (1994) Percussion
Miki Coltrane I Think of You (1997) Percussion
Miles Davis Live Around the World (1988) Percussion
Miles Davis Miles in Montreux Percussion
Miles Davis Time After Time (1994) Percussion
Niels Lan Doky & Chris... Doky Brothers, Vol. 2 (1996) Percussion
Norman Brown Just Between Us (1992) Percussion
Norman Brown Better Days Ahead (1996) Percussion
Norman Brown Celebration (1999) Percussion
Norman Brown Stay With Me (2007) Percussion
Norman Connors Remember Who You Are (1993) Percussion
Norman Connors Easy Living (1996) Percussion
Norman Connors Eternity (2000) Percussion
Patrice Rushen Signature (1998) Percussion
Paul Taylor Undercover (2000) Percussion
Prophetz of Time & Space Live in SF Percussion
Prophetz of Time & Space Vibrationz Percussion
Phyllis Hyman One on One (1998) Percussion
Richard S. & Vibe Tribe Cool Shoes (1996) Percussion, Arrangement
Richard S. & Vibe Tribe
Foreign Affairs Percussion, Arrangement
Rayford Griffin
Rebirth of the Cool
Rhian Benson Sampler (2003) Percussion
Rhythm Logic
Rhythm Logic
Percussion, Vocals
Robin Dimaggio
Blue Planet
Talking Drum
Rogelio Mitchell World Custodian (2008) Percussion
Ron Brown From My Eyes Only (1997) Percussion
Ronnie Laws Tribute to Legendary Eddie Harris (1996) Percussion
Ronnie Laws Portrait of the Isley Brothers (1998) Percussion
Stan Keiser Secret Island (1995) Percussion
Stanley Clarke Live (1976-1977) Percussion
Stanley Clarke East River Drive (1993) Percussion
Stanley Clarke This Is Jazz, Vol. 41 (1998) Percussion
Stevie Wonder Conversation Peace Percussion (GRAMMY)
Sting Soul Cages (1991) Percussion (GRAMMY)
The Yellowjackets Club Nocturne (1998) Percussion
The Zawinul Syndicate Black Water (1989) Percussion
Thom Teresi Street Smart (1998) Percussion
Todd Cochran Todd (1991) Percussion
Tor Dietrichson Cosmic View (1997) Percussion
Various Artists GRP 10th Anniversary Collection (1992) Percussion
Various Artists Put on Your Green Shoes (1993) Percussion
Various Artists Grp Christmas Collection, Vol. 2 (1995) Percussion
Various Artists Bass Talk, Vol. 4: Who's Afraid of (1997) Percussion
Various Artists Contemporary Jazz Christmas (1997) Percussion
Various Artists Jazz Christmas [Windham Hill] (1998) Percussion
Various Artists Double Scale: A Windham Hill Jazz... (1999) Percussion
Various Artists J's Masters Recorders Co. (2000) Percussion
Various Artists Smooth and Straight (2000) Percussion
Various Artists
Street Grooves
Various Artists
The Funky 16 Corners
Various Artists Viva Cubop!, Vol. 2: Dance the... (2000) Percussion
Wayne Shorter
High Life
West Angeles Church of God Lift Your Heads (1995) Percussion
Zac Harmon
Live at Babe and Ricky's Inn