Munyungo Jackson Performs with Stevie Wonder

Munyungo Jackson Joins Chaka Khan On Tour

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From Chaka Khan:
As we prepare to hit the road again in 2022. I wanted to give you a sneak peek of some of the music we might mix into the sets this year. Yes, we're doing my standard classics, so don't freak out, but we're also going to do some cool & different stuff too. Enjoy a few short clips & let us know what you think? 💜 Yes, we have a few marvelous new band members, led by my fabulous musical director Melvin Lee Davis. Look forward to seeing you all this year! Please stay safe & be healthy 💋 #ChakaKhan ChakaKhanBand Melvin Lee Davis | RobBacon | Audrey Wheeler-Downing | Tymara Walker | Chinah Blac | Kevin Flournoy | Munyungo Jackson | Jay Williams | Jesse Milliner

Catch Munyungo Jackson at the Hollywood Bowl Jazz Festival - June 25th and 26th

Saturday, June 25th
With The Azar Lawrence Experience

Sunday, June 26th
With The Lao Tizer Band

Munyungo Sails Again on the 2023 Smooth Jazz Cruise

Sailing on the Celebrity Millennium

Week 1 01.20.23 - 01.27.23
Week 2 01.27.23 - 02.03.23

 Details, Lineup and Ticket info at The Smooth Jazz Cruise

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